Our center aims to provide opportunities and advanced devices that are needed in universities, public and private research institutions in molecular biology and biotechnology,

Our center aims to create efficient and effective working environment by providing knowledge and continuing education of human resources who work in these centers.

Our center aims to increase our university’s ability to be partners with national and international projects, in addition, our aim is to support research that opens up new horizons in science,

Our center aims to combine research and development activities of applied sciences in Bayburt University and / or interdisciplinary research activities,

Our center aims to improve the quality of scientific activities that are carried out by researchers of all academic units of our university, 

Our center aims to provide opportunities to universities, research centers, industry, public institutions and organizations,

Our center aims to prepare a working environment which incorporates TUBITAK and Bayburt University projects,

Our center aims to increase financial supports which are received from various domestic and international research funds,

Our center aims to contribute scientific literature by producing scientific publications with our university’s researchers and to represent our university through participating scientific congress, symposium etc.